2021 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification

Due to COVID-19, the deadline for pesticide applicator recertification has been extended for 2021. Private applicators whose certification was set to expire on 3/31/21 now have until 7/1/21 to recertify. 

Self-Paced Online Recertification is available. Cost to attend self-paced classes is $35 for pesticide training. 

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(Recertification Training)

Cost: $35
Course closes 11:59 July 1

2021 Fertilizer Re-Certification Certification (Category 15)

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(Fertilizer Re-Certification)

Cost: $15
Course closes 11:59 July 1.


New Pesticide Applicator Training

If you are interested in getting a Private Pesticide Applicator's license, we have recorded a training for you to view.

Pesticide Applicator's Training Video

Once you are ready to schedule your test, you can go to https://agri.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/oda/divisions/plant-health/pesticides/exam-registration to reschedule your test or you can call the Ohio Department of Agriculture directly at 614-728-6987. With the current pandemic, there are fewer opportunities to take the test so you might want to schedule a test as soon as you believe you will be ready.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to study for this test.  If you need additional materials to study, you can find them at https://pested.osu.edu/home/privateapplicator/studymaterials.

2021 Commercial Applicators

Commercial applicators can be certified online for 2021. To view commercial applicator recertification options, click here.

Need a pesticide applicator license?

Study Materials

Each private applicator will need to take the Core test (general safety for the applicator and the environment) and the category(ies) that correspond to the crops he/she grows. For example, an applicator who grows corn and soybeans will need to take the Core and Category 1 exam. An exam is only required for category 7 if applicator does NOT hold one or more categories on their license (1-6).  Category 7, Specialty Uses is included in categories 1-6.  

NOTE: Please be sure to call your local OSU Extension office before stopping by. This allows the office to make sure they have the materials on hand for when you stop in. Some offices may have to order materials, which can take 2-3 weeks time. Thank you!

If you have any further questions, contact Wayne Dellinger, Agricultural Educator.