4-H Spin Club


You will be seeing more posts for Virtual SPIN Clubs. You might ask what are SPIN Clubs?  They are SPecial INterest clubs that will meet for a specific time period regarding a specific topic. Great opportunities to interact with others and learn about a different topic.  These Virtual SPIN Clubs are open to EVERYONE that is regular 4-H Age, meaning 8 and in 3rd Grade through 18 of the current year. You do not have to be an enrolled 4-H member to do these SPIN Clubs. So, if you have friends who are not in 4-H that you think would like to do these, please be sure to pass the information to them.

2023 Spin Clubs

Speak up, Speak Out  

Register at: go.osu.edu/23speakupspinclub


Speak up, Speak out

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