Sarah BelmonteUnion County 4-H Salutes Sarah Belmonte, Class of 2020. Sarah Belmonte is a member of the Watkins Panthers 4-H Club. Her main focus is dairy feeders but she also shows dairy heifers. Sarah like to thank Chris Sayers, Julie Ziegler and Jeff & Melanie Ziegler for everything they have done for her during her time in 4-H! She has learned so much from all of them and they have helped her tremendously. Her favorite memories are from fair week with all of her friends and just spending her summers in the barn. Sarah’s advice to a first year 4-H member: truly cherish your time in 4-H because before you know it, it will be over!

Sawyer BixUnion County 4-H Salutes Sawyer Bix, Class of 2020  Sawyer is a member of KH4H (Kind Hearted 4-H’ers). The main project focus during his 4-H career was Special Interest Projects (i.e. Fishing, Lawn Care and Ohio Birds).  The project he enjoyed the most was Self Determined – Skateboarding. The project that challenged him the most was “You’re the Athlete” where he learned the fundamentals of being a well-rounded athlete with research-based information and fun activities. The best advice he received from his advisor was to “always be humble and kind”. The club’s “End of the Year” banquet was Sawyer’s favorite club tradition. His first year of 4-H Camp was one of his favorite memories of 4-H because that’s when he realized he wanted to keep going back each year.  Sawyer would advise anyone to get involved and try new things in life.  He also wanted to thank Christy Leeds, 4-H Educator for Union County for giving him an opportunity to be a camp counselor and Corinne Bix (Mom and 4-H Advisor) for being a great advisor and a better mom!

Emma Cook

Union County 4-H Salutes Emma Cook, Class of 2020. Emma is a 10 year member of the Union County Hare Raisers 4-H Club. Her favorite project during her 4-H career was Dairy Feeders. Her favorite memory of 4-H is being part of the Junior Fair Board and getting to spend time with all of her friends and helping supervise the Jr. Fair Shows.

Emma plans on attending Ohio Northern University this fall and majoring in biology and a pre-physician assistant track while playing soccer.

Grace CuicaUnion County 4-H Salutes Grace Cuica, Class of 2020.  Grace is a member of the Wings and Things 4-H Club.  Her project focus was Poultry.  She has participated in everything from Quail to Exhibition Geese to Market Turkey.  She did it all!  The project she enjoyed the most was Exhibition Geese.  Market Turkey challenged Grace the most because you have to flip the turkey upside down for the judge at the fair.

John and June Seymour and Dick Cryder, her 4-H advisors, taught her so much about poultry. Grace would like to thank all of her 4-H Advisors for their endless support and knowledge over the years.  I would also like to give my Dad and Mom (John and Anne Cuica) a huge THANK YOU! They were always there to help her study and get all her animals washed and moved to the fair. I don’t know how my Mom put up with all the poultry in our backyard, but I’m glad she did. Thank you to all my amazing friends.  You guys are the best!

Grace’s favorite 4-H memory was being selected the 2019 Waterfowl Showman of Showmen at the Union County Fair. Her advice to first year 4-H members is that your first year is going to be a learning curve. Ask a lot of questions, especially to older 4-H members.  They can help you study. Lastly, HAVE FUN! Don’t stress about the fair.  It will be great.

Grace plans to attend Columbus State Community College for 2 years and then transfer to either The Ohio State University or Miami University, wherever her career takes her.  Her goal is to become a 4-H judge in the future.

Kalor Greve, Class of 2020Union County 4-H Salutes Kalor Greve, Class of 2020.  She is a member of the Stirrup Some Fun 4-H Club.  The main project she focused on in her 4-H career was Market Rabbits. She says, one of her favorite memories of 4-H was when she competed for the Union County Jr. Fair Queen.  Kalor plans on attending Ohio University this Fall majoring in Pre-Med and Molecular Biology.

Luke HaskellUnion County 4-H Salutes Luke Haskell, Class of 2020.  Luke is a member of the KH4H (Kind Hearted 4-H) Club.  He took Special Interest Projects which included Money Management, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Job Readiness. The Job Readiness Project challenged him the most because he had to go outside his comfort zone to get references and do outside research about jobs.

Luke’s favorite memory from 4-H is volunteering to help run the Special Interest Judging as a Jr. Fair Board Member.  He liked to see everyone else’s projects and hang out with his 4-H friends. He plans on attending Ohio University and major in computer engineering.  Luke would like to thank all of his 4-H advisors, as well as Christy Leeds, 4-H Educator, for all their help during his 4-H Career.

Destiny JamisonUnion County 4-H Salutes Destiny Jamison, Class of 2020.  Destiny is a member of the C of Clovers 4-H Club.  The projects that she focused on the most during her 4-H career was Gardening including Fairy Gardens and Goats. Her favorite memory of 4-H was her club’s pool party that they hold at the end of each 4-H year.

Ian JohnsonUnion County 4-H Salutes Ian Johnson, Class of 2020.  Ian is a member of the Liberty Feeders 4-H Club.  His main project that he focused on in his 4-H career was Market Lambs. Ian’s favorite memory from 4-H is participating at the county fair.  He enjoyed showing his steer during the Showman of Showmen Class, going to the 4-H Pancake Breakfast and just being with his friends all week at the fair. He plans on attending Iowa State University to major in Animal Science.  Luke would like thank his parents, Brent and Susanna Johnson, for their countless efforts in helping him fulfill his goals and dreams. Ian’s advice to all first year 4-H members is to not be shy, create friendship and try to learn as much as possible.

Jennifer KeifferUnion County 4-H Salutes Jenna Keiffer, Class of 2020. Jenna is a member of the Proud Pioneers 4-H Club.  Jenna’s favorite 4-H project during her time in 4-H was Photography and her most challenging project was sewing. She learned that you “Don’t knock it, till you try it” motto from her 4-H advisor. Proud Pioneers 4-H Club’s tradition of doing community service projects was what Jenna looked forward to the most during the years.  4-H Camp was her favorite memory from 4-H and her advice to first year 4-H members is “Go to 4-H Camp, I pinky promise you will not regret it!”

Kathrine MussellmanUnion County 4-H Salutes Kathrine Musselman, Class of 2020.  Kathrine is a 10 year member of the Stirrup Some Fun 4-H Club.  She has focused on the Equine Projects during her 4-H career.  Kathrine’s favorite memory of 4-H is her time she spent at the fair with her friends.  She will be attending Kent State University majoring in Zoology this Fall.  Kathrine’s advice to all first year 4-H members is to “Have fund and make memories! Don’t get hung up on how you did in a class. You will have plenty of time to learn and grow.  Don’t be afraid to ask the older 4-H members of your club for help.  They are always happy to help younger members.”

Keagan NicolUnion County 4-H Salutes Keagan Nicol, Class of 2020. Keagan is a member of the Sunshine 4-H Club. His project focus was Dairy Feeders.  Keagan’s favorite club tradition is the club’s Christmas in July Party. The club meets and shares a dessert potluck as well as a white elephant gift exchange. His favorite memories related to 4-H includes the ones made at 4-H Camp, as well as being a 3 time Grand Champion. Keagan’s advice for first year 4-H members is to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, especially 4-H Camp. Trust me, I was in your shoes once and I’m glad I tried camp out because I have made so many new friends and memories during my 4-H career.

Sara NicolUnion County 4-H Salutes Sara Nicol, Class of 2020. Sarah is a member of the Darby Junior Livestock 4-H Club.  She enjoys taking Dairy Feeders and Shooting Sports (Rifle and Pistol).  This year she is enrolled in the Ducks Project for the first time.  The recognition party that her club holds each year is one of the highlights that she looks forward to each year.  4-H Camp for Sara, holds her most favorite memories.  Sara’s advice to all first year 4-H Members is to have fun with it and never be afraid to try something new.

Alec O'ReillyUnion County 4-H Salutes Alec O’Reilly, Class of 2020.  He is a member of the Clever Clovers 4-H Club.  His main project focus during his 4-H career was market hogs. He says, one of his favorite club traditions is when his club meets at the Richwood Fairgrounds and we mulch the flower beds and plant flowers. His favorite memories related to 4-H will always be the ones that he made at 4-H Camp with his fellow campers and counselors.  His advice to a first year 4-H member is to definitely give camp a try. It’s not for everyone so you may not like it but the ones who like it love it and it’s always one of people’s favorite times of the year. 

Autumn Scheiderer Union County 4-H Salutes Autumn Scheiderer, Class of 2020.  Autumn is a member of the Darby Clovers 4-H Club.  The project that she focused most on during her 4-H career was Market Steers. Her favorite memory of 4-H is her attendance at 4-H Camp.  Autumn’s advice to all first year 4-H members is to “Enjoy it while it lasts!”

Garrett Segar
Union County Salutes Garrett Segar, Class of 2020: 
Garrett is a 10 year 4-H Member with the Liberty Feeders 4-H Club.  His main focus and project he enjoyed most in 4-H was Dairy Feeders.  Market Lamb Projects gave Garret the most challenge. The Liberty Feeders Club tradition of attending the 4-H Pancake Breakfast at the Union County Fair was his favorite 4-H tradition. His favorite memory of 4-H was participating in livestock shows with his brother Brady.  Garrett’s advice to a first year 4-H member is “Don’t let the tasks overwhelm you”.  He would like to thank his Mom, Dad and Grandpa who helped him throughout his 4-H career. Garrett will be studying Biosystems Engineering at Oklahoma State University this Fall.

Megan StallingsUnion County Salutes Megan Stallings, Class of 2020: Megan is a member of the Darby Jr. Livestock 4-H Club. She has participated rabbit projects for 4 years and also special interest projects all 9 years of her 4-H career. The most challenging project she has taken is the market rabbits because she only gets to work with them for 2 months before showing them at the fair. Every year, she looks forward to the cookout the Darby Jr. Livestock 4-H Club holds during the fair. Last year she especially enjoyed the fair because she was a Jr. Fair Board Member and it helped her meet 4-H’ers her age outside of her club.

In the fall, Megan will be attending The Ohio State University to study philosophy, politics and economics.

Ethan TurkUnion County 4-H Salutes Ethan Turk, Class of 2020. Ethan is a member of KH4H (Kind Hearted 4-H Club).  His main focus was on Self Determined Projects.  He especially enjoyed the Special Determined, splitting wood project. Ethan’s favorite memory of 4-H is hanging out with his fellow camp counselors during 4-H Camp. I would like to thank Owen Herbst. He was the one who introduced me to 4-H and made my overall camp experience better. He helped me make some lifelong friends and showed me what makes camp so special.

Abby Underhill

Union County 4-H Salutes Abby Underhill, Class of 2020.  She is a member of the Darby Clovers 4-H Club.  The main project she focuses on in her 4-H career is Dairy Feeders and this is the project that she enjoys the most. She says, one of her favorite memories from 4-H is going to 4-H Camp and getting to do fun activities with her friends.  Her advice to all first year 4-H members is not to be afraid to try new things.

Gabby WatsonUnion County Salutes Gabby Watson, Class of 2020. Gabby is a member of the Hoof Beats 4-H Club. Through her years of being in 4-H she has taken horses, welding and market lamb projects.  Gabby really enjoyed showing horses over the now 10 years she has been in 4-H. Her future plans include attending Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in November and graduating in September of 2021. She then plans to become a pipeline welder. Gabby will also continue to pursue my rodeo career in this time. If she wanted to give advice to a first year 4-H member or no matter what age they were, she would tell them to take every opportunity they are given and to cherish every moment. Gabby would also tell them to not take ANYTHING for granted because it can all change with a blink of an eye!

Finally Gabby would like to thank her amazing mom, Suzan Fisher, for always being her personal cheerleader along with pushing her to fulfill her potential to the fullest. Gabby would also like to thank her 4-H advisors for pushing her to step outside of her comfort zone. Without any of these people, Gabby is not sure that she would have had the courage to compete in that state competition or try that new class. Thank you to everyone who has ever helped me! 

Jessica WolfeUnion County 4-H Salutes Jessica Wolfe, Class of 2020.  Jessica is a member of the Clever Clovers 4-H Club. Jessica focused on Market Goats during her 4-H career. She always looked forward to making blankets for Nationwide Children’s Hospital with her 4-H Club each year.  Her favorite memory was 4-H Camp.  She especially enjoyed getting to attend camp with both her older sister and younger brother.  Jessica’s advice to all first year 4-H members is GO TO CAMP!!!!  At least try it once even if none of your friends attend camp. You will grow so much and make so many new friends if you attend 4-H Camp.

She would like to thank her family for helping her with her 4-H projects, especially when it came to walking her goats.  She would also like to thank Christy Leeds, Extension 4-H Educator, as well as her advisors for putting so much time and effort into the 4-H program.