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Project Enrollment Information

Guide to Livestock Project Liberature (What books do I need?)
Union County Fair Poultry Projects (2019)
Union Co. Fair Livestock Summary Information
Richwood Fair Livestock Summary Information

Project Resources

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Project Topic

Dairy Feeders Project
Getting your Dairy Feeder and Keeping Him Healthy
Purchase and Care of Dairy Beef Feeders Fact Sheet

Poultry Handbooks
Union County Fair Poultry Project Information (2017)
Union County 4-H Broiler Handbook (2017)
Union County 4-H Raising Fancy Chickens Handbook (2017)
Union County 4-H Raising Pullets Handbook (2017)
Union County 4-H Exhibition Ducks & Meat Ducks Handbook (2017)
Union County 4-H Turkey Handbook (2017)


Rabbit Showmanship
Instructions for Rabbit Tatooing

Shooting Sports Projects

Group Projects
Guidelines for 4-H Group Project

Food and Nutrition Projects
MyPlate Flyer

Self-Determined Projects
Self Determined Project Guide Sheet (Project Book)