This page is dedicated to providing 4-H Members/Advisors with additional information regarding selected projects

There are multiple ways to get your project book this year.  Above is a link giving you a listing of how you can purchase your project book. 

Project Resources

Welcome to Project Central!
On this website you are able to SEARCH for projects and resources, FIND, what you are looking for and use arrows next to table headers to sort information, LEARN about the publication by previewing sample pages and other users' feedback and RATE the publication and add your own feedback.

Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects
On this website you are able to click on a project to get started! When a copy opens on your screen, you can save or print it from there. (These files are not interactive.) See the bottom of the website page for information on project skill levels X, B, I, and A.

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Guide to Livestock Project Literature (What books do I need?)