Union County Fair:

Exhibitors who will be exhibiting Dairy Feeders, Market Goats, Market Lambs, or Market Hogs at the Union County Fair are required to have their animals in their possession by May 1.

Please read instructions listed above and then

2021 Union County Goat Identification Survey

2021 Union County Lamb Identification Survey



Richwood Fair:

Richwood Junior Fair is once again using online identification of market livestock rather than an in-person tag-in.  The information below applies to Dairy Feeders, Market Goats, Market Lambs, Swine, and Beef Feeders being shown at the Richwood Independent Fair.

The registration deadline is Midnight Saturday, June 5 for Lamb, Goat, Swine, and Dairy Feeders. 

The registration deadline for Beef Feeder is Midnight Wednesday, July 15.

Please review the instructions for information needed to register your animal.  Once you've gathered the necessary information, click on the appropriate specie link to register your animal(s).

2021 RIF Dairy Feeder Identification

2021 RIF Goat Identification

2021 RIF Lamb Identification

2021 RIF Swine Identification

2021 RIF Beef Feeder Identification