Quality Assurance (QA) in 2020

To view a handout from the Quality Assurance Meetings, "Click Here". To view the slide show from the training "Click Here".

For Review: 4-H & FFA Members planning to exhibit the following projects must attend Livestock Quality Assurance Education:

  • Beef (Mkt. Steers, Beef Feeders, Breeding Beef)
  • Dairy Feeder Calves
  • All Dairy Cattle
  • Market & Dairy Goats
  • Breeding goats
  • Market Poultry (Pen of 4 Broilers, Market Turkey, Market Duck)
  • Market Rabbits (Pen of 3)
  • Breeding and Market Sheep
  • Swine

Members exhibiting these projects are NOT required to complete QA:

  • Exhibition (Fancy) Poultry
  • Pullets and Hens
  • Breeding Rabbits