Livestock Quality Assurance (QA)
in 2023

To be eligible for participation in the Richwood Independent Junior Fair and the Union County Junior Fair, potential youth exhibitors must participate in one of the following Livestock Quality Assurance Education Programs. The deadline to complete QA Education for the Union County Junior Fair is June 1, 2023 and for Richwood Jr. Fair the deadline July 1, 2023.

Parent participation is encouraged, particularly for young exhibitors, but not required.

**Union County Fair Deadline- June 1, 2023**

**Richwood Fair Deadline-July 1, 2023**

2023 Quality Assurance Flyer
  2. 4-H & FFA Members in these projects must attend Quality Assurance Education
  • All Dariy Cattle
  • All Beef (Market Steers/Heifers, Breeding, Beef Feeders and Dairy Feeders)
  • All Sheep ( Market and Breeding)
  • All Swine (Market and Breeding (for State Fair)
  • All Goats (Market, Breeding and Dairy)
  • Market Poultry (Broiler, Turkeys and Ducks)
  • Market Rabbits (Pen of 3)
    • 2023 Approved QA Sessions – Union County

      Contact: OSU Extension, Union County, 937-644-8117. There is no fee for these sessions.

      Date  What Where

      Thursday, March 30, 6:30pm

      RSVP Required

      ASE Sponsored Livestock Quality Assureance

      Tolles Career and Technical Center

      7877 St. Rt. 42 South Plain City

      Contact: ASE Feed & Supply, LLC


      Monday, April 10            7:00-8:30pm Livestock Quality Assurance Marysville *
      Tuesday, April 11           7:00-8:30pm Rabbit Quality Assurance Marysville *
      Thursday, April 13         7:00-8:30pm Livestock Quailty Assurance Marysville *
      Monday, April 17           7:00-8:30pm Livestock Quailty Assurance Marysville *
      Wednesday, April 19     7:00-8:30pm Livestock Quailty Assurance Marysville *
      Thursday, May 4            7:00-8:30pm Poultry Quailty Assurance Marysville *
      Friday, May 26               3:30pm Livestock Quality Assurance Marysville *
      Wednesday, June 7             7:00pm Livestock Quality Assurance Richwood Fairgrounds

      * Marysville:  specifice location provided in registration confirmation email. Registration requried at the following link:

      Additional Options for Completing the QA Requirement

    • Complete the online “Youth Quality Care of Animals” age-appropriate module at  
    • This online course has a $12 fee. For instructions on accessing the site, creating a profile, and completing the course go to: YQCA Website Instructions If you choose to complete the online course, please email the completion certificate to to receive credit. Note: this is the ONLY online option available in 2023.

    • Search other county websites ( for Quality Assurance programs that work in your schedule. Please reach out to the other county to confirm that they are accepting out of county participants before registering or attending.
    • Additional specie specific opportunities for QA may be available. Approved programs are typically offered at the following events: Ohio Beef Expo (, Friday, March 17), OSU Junior Swine Day, Bi- State Youth Poultry Clinic (Saturday, March 18th, Wooster), etc. As details are known, they will be shared on the Union County Friends of 4-H Facebook page or on our website at assurance.

Test-Out Option for 2023

Youth ages 15 – 18 as of January 1, 2023 may choose to “test out” of Quality Assurance attendance. Exhibitors can choose a Large Animal or Small Animal QA test. Exhibitors receiving an adequate score will meet QA attendance requirements for the remainder of their 4-H or FFA career. To schedule a time to test out, please contact Christy Leeds at

Details and Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend any QA Program? If you don’t participate in a QA program in 2023, you are not eligible to exhibit in a Jr. Fair in 2023. (Unless you’ve “tested out” by passing the QA test previously, or choose to complete the Test-Out Option for 2023).

I am showing 2 different species at the fair. Do I need to attend two sessions? 4-H members only need to attend one QA session, even if you are showing multiple species.

How do the Fair Boards know which program I’ve attended? If you attend one of the Union County Programs listed on this flyer, Fair Board Representatives will be present to collect your verification form at the end of each session. If you attend a program elsewhere, it is your responsibility to adhere to whatever documentation system is used: Some programs provide certificates of attendance, some use a sign out system and you will have to request that they forward information to your Fair Board.

Other Options:To utilize any other option (session not listed on this flyer) for completing QA Education you must 1: obtain advance permission from the Fair Board for the program you wish to attend and 2: provide written verification to the Fair Board, from the program, of your attendance

Where can I find out about other QA Programs that are being offered? You can find other QA Programs throughout the state by looking at County 4-H websites. Search OSU Extension (Name of County) to find each county’s site. Read the list carefully. Most programs are open to out-of-county attendees, some are not. Note that in addition to your travel expense, there is sometimes a fee. Be prepared to pay at the door.

What is the final date to attend a QA program outside of Union County? Regardless of where you attend your QA program, it MUST be completed at least 45 days prior to the start of the fair. This is a state rule, and not a county rule. The Fair Board CANNOT approve any QA session being held after that date.

How Do I know if a program is a Quality Assurance Program? The QA programs listed on other OSU Extension websites are all acceptable programs for Quality Assurance eligibility for Union County. BE VERY CAUTION ABOUT OTHER PROGRAMS: Not every clinic, feed company program, fitting and showing session, etc. is a QA Program. There are many other good educational programs being offered which ARE NOT Quality Assurance Programs. If in doubt, DO NOT ASSUME that just because you attend something, the Fair Board will consider it a QA Program. It is your responsibility to gain permission, prior to attendance, for any program other than those listed on this flyer.

What if I have a Horse Project? Jr. Fair Horse Exhibitors must complete “Equistep”, date TBA. If you also have a Livestock Project, you must also attend a Livestock QA Session. Equistep and Livestock QA trainings are not interchangeable.

This QA Education requirement does not apply to: Saddle Horses, Dogs, Cats, Pygmy Goats, Fancy Poultry, Pet Rabbits, Breeding Rabbits, Exhibition/Fancy Ducks & Geese, & Small Animal Projects (like guinea pigs).

Who do I contact for questions about Quality Assurance? For questions about the programs listed on this flyer, contact the Union County Extension Office at 937-644-8117 or email at: For QA questions related to Richwood Fair participation contact Scott McNamee at 740-225-8170.