Quality Assurance (QA)
in 2021


If you want to review the information on the Quality Assurance Program 2021, here is a LINK TO THE OUTLINE 
that was used during the QA Programs.

Options to meet the Livestock QA requirement:

  1. Complete the online “Youth Quality Care of Animals” age-appropriate module at https://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/Login.  This online course has a $12 fee.  For instructions on  accessing the site, creating a profile, and completing the course go to:  https://go.osu.edu/yqca_instructions.  If you choose to complete the online course, please email the completion certificate to Kramer.578@osu.edu to receive credit. 
  2. Search other county websites (countyname.osu.edu) for Quality Assurance programs that will be conducted either in person or virtually and work in your schedule.  Please reach out to the other county to confirm that they are accepting out of county participants before registering.
  3. IF you are also a North Union FFA member and will be completing the requirement in class, Mr. Jolliff and Mrs. Mooneyham will send me a list of who has completed once the coursework is concluded.

4-H & FFA Members planning to exhibit the following projects must attend Livestock Quality Assurance Education:

  • All Beef and Dairy Feeders
  • All Sheep
  • All Dairy
  • All Swine
  • Market, Dairy, and Breeding Goats
  • Market Poultry 
  • Market Rabbits

Members exhibiting these projects are NOT required to complete QA:

  • Exhibition (Fancy) Poultry
  • Pullets and Hens
  • Breeding Rabbits