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4-H Demo Day
Tuesday, July 9, 2024


Our countywide Demo Day will happen Tuesday, July 9 at the Union County Service Center, 940 London Ave, Marysville. Parents, Advisors, and other spectators are welcome to watch members of their own 4-H club present their demonstrations.  Presenters, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  Presenters and Spectators should enter the building through the Main Entrance and follow the signs to the appropriate location for registration.

4-H Demo Day Flyer



2023 Demo Day Results 



Classes and Rules:

PRESENTATION DIVISION CLASSES Illustrated Talk or Demonstration---without use of computer technology

J-1 Junior Individual (age 8-10)
J-2 Junior Team (age 8-10)

  • The presenter uses appropriate props and other visual aides to teach others about a subject or how to do something.
  • The presenter may use charts, posters, or pictures to accompany their illustrated talk or demonstration.
  • PowerPoint or computer-generated messages are not used in these classes.
  • Presenters are evaluated on their ability to convey information and teach on a particular topic. See score sheet for more information on the areas of evaluation.
  • Presentations should be 5-8 minutes in length. Scores will be lowered for presentations under or over the time limits. Illustrated

Talks or Demonstrations---with or without the use of Computer Technology

J-3 Intermediate Individual (age 11-13)
J-4 Intermediate Team (age 11-13)
J-5 Senior Individual (age 14 and up)
J-6 Senior Team (age 14 and Up)

  • The presenter uses appropriate props, posters, and/or computer-generated visual aides to teach others about a particular topic, practice, procedure, scientific principle, or phenomenon. Use of computergenerated visuals is NOT required.
  1.  Demonstrations may be delivered in this category. PowerPoint or other software may be used in addition to other props to help present the message.
  2. An Illustrated Talk may be delivered in this category, with the member(s) using PowerPoint or other software to present all or part of the visual message; must be accompanied by live narration.
  • Requires live speech delivered along with PowerPoint, poster or other message. (No prerecorded narration.)
  • Presentations are evaluated on the member’s communication skill and their ability to effectively use technology, posters, or other props to enhance their Illustrated Talk or Demonstration.
  • Presentations should be 5-8 minutes in length. Scores will be lowered for presentations under or over the time limit.

4-H Demonstration Day Forms