Union County 4-H Clubs can submit their club's news reports to the Union County Extension Office (yoakam.1@osu.edu) by Wednesday. Their reports will be posted on this page and also submitted to local newspapers.         

Creative Clovers United 4-H Club
Creative Clovers United 4-H Club is in full swing since starting the 2021 year on January 7.  We have welcomed 3 new members this year. Club Officers were elected on January 19 and officers are as follows: 

President: Carissa Meyers
Vice President: Lauren Hensinger
Secretary: Ariyannah Kitchen
News Reporter: Lynnen Elliott
Attendance: Jenna Parrett
Treasurer: Evan Fetzer
Health: Peyton Hensinger
Safety: Lucy Smith
Recreation: Maggie & Jayden Foust and
        Katherine and Katelyn Collings
Historian: Ashlyn Holt & Caroline Smith

For a service project, our club adopted Memorial Gables residents and made many Valentine’s for them. Due to the abundance of cards made, we were also able to share them with the residents at Prestige Gardens, also in Marysville.

Demonstration sign-up is well underway, and we are using SIGNUP.com this year and members can present live during our ZOOM meeting or by pre-recorded video. President, Carissa Meyers, shared a video to teach members the difference of a  “good” and “bad” demonstration.

At our recent meeting, held February 4, members did a project share, in which members talked about past projects and what they liked about them as a way of helping members decide projects for this year. Enrollment is well underway, and members are being reminded to get enrolled and to get their books picked up so they can get started.

Our next meeting will be February 16 and we will discuss another service project for our members and also view a nutrition presentation.

Sunshine 4-H Club
Megan Bowsher, News Reporter

The Sunshine 4-H Club held its second meeting of the year by Zoom on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. Roll call was taken by answering, “If you played in the snow?” Elections for 2021 Officers were held and are as follows:

President, Carter Schultz
Vice President, Wyatt Rausch
Secretary, Drew Rausch
Treasurer, Gabby Vamos
News Reporter, Megan Bowsher
Safety Officer, Brody Schultz
Health Officer, James Bowsher

Dues are $10.00 and will be turned in when the club meets in person. Members discussed possible community service ideas. The next meeting will be held on March 10th at 7 pm by Zoom.