Union County 4-H Clubs can submit their club's news reports to the Union County Extension Office (yoakam.1@osu.edu) by Wednesday. Their reports will be posted on this page and also submitted to local newspapers.    

Creative Clovers United 4-H Club
Lilah Brennan, News Reporter

The Creative Clovers United 4-H Club met on June 22, 2021, at the Marysville Memorial Pavilion. President, Carissa Meyers, led club members through an assembly line to create goody bags for our local firefighters. We then delivered these bags to Station 272 and got to meet some of our local heroes. Meghan Vollrath did her demonstration and discussed her chickens. After the meeting was adjourned, members had ice cream and discussed their projects. Some members also attended Union County's 4-H Camp at Camp Clifton the week before. The club looks forward to the upcoming fair as they finish up their chosen projects.

Creative Hearts 4-H Club
Claire Berry, News Reporter

June 13 Meeting

May 23 Meeting