Union County 4-H Clubs can submit their club's news reports to the Union County Extension Office (yoakam.1@osu.edu) by Wednesday. Their reports will be posted on this page and also submitted to local newspapers.         

Show-N-Go 4-H Club
Ellie Carter, News Reporter

At our last meeting of the year, on July 15, members were reminded that fair was the next week.  Old officers have to turn in their books.  We reviewed the fair newsletter, earning candy for correct answers.  Members participated in a recreation of Freeze Tag.  An ice cream social was held to celebrate the last meeting.   Finally, members helped clean the Milford Center Lions Club Building as a community service and as a thank you for letting us use it to hold meetings.  Fair passes were handed out.  Honor member sheets have to be turned in to advisor, Jenny Wanamaker, by the Livestock awards to get a gift card.  Have a great fair!        

Darby Jr. Livestock 4-H Club
The July 11, 2018, meeting of the Darby Jr. Livestock 4-H Club was called to order by President, Taylor Burnham.  The Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge were recited. Marisa Nicol did roll call, asking, “What is your favorite food?” and read the minutes of the June 13, 2018, meeting.  Twenty two members were present.  The report of funds was given by Treasurer, Grant Dellinger.  We gave money to the “Reno the Roof” project for Camp Clifton.  Health & Safety Officer, Sophia Patch, gave tips for surviving in the hot weather.

Thanks were given for Sophia Patch and Amelia Nicol for representing our club at Demo Day.  Sophia placed #4 in Class 3 Intermediates and was chosen to represent Union County at The Ohio State Fair!

We will have a meeting/potluck during the fair at the Nicol and Dellinger Family’s campers, Thursday, July 26, from 5:30-7pm.  A sign-up sheet for side dish & desserts was available. Please bring your own chairs.  Project status and reminders for other events were given by advisors, Marti Dellinger and Wanda DuPuis.  2017 Recognition was done for last year’s members, handing out the certificates, the Darby Jr. Livestock 2017 Program, and an item.

Elizabeth Phillippo gave a presentation, sharing resource books for her “Focus on Photography” project.  A motion to adjourn was given by Xander Belllas and seconded by Livvy Bellas – motion passed.

Darby Springs South 4-H Club
Aubrey Burns, News Reporter

On July 8, Darby Springs South held there meeting at the Union County Fairgrounds. Nine members showed up to help clean the Endowment Garden. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Cole Helterbrand and the 4-H Pledge was led by Savannah Davis. Savannah Davis led roll call. Committee reports are that our 4-H shirts will be given to us at our last meeting. The buyer’s baskets are getting made. Cole Helterbrand did a demonstration on “How to give cattle shots correctly”.  Cole Helterbrand moved to end the meeting and Aubrey Burns second it.

Our next meeting will be held at the Union County Fairgrounds on July 19.