Nutrition Judging

Due to increasing concern about food safety, food tasting will no longer be part of nutrition judging (2016).  Participants may bring food, if they choose, but it will not be tasted and will not influence their project score. Additionally, each individual will be assigned a specific time for their nutrition judging (similar to Special Interest Judging). Each individual's project grade will be based on the following 3 areas:  Project Book Review (25%), MyPlate Questions (25%) and Portfolio Review and Interview (50%). 

Food and Nutrition Judging Score Sheet                        MyPlate Fact Sheet

Below are Study Guides for Nutrition Projects

Beginning Level Projects
#459  Let's Start Cooking
#481  Everyday Food and Fitness
#484  Snack Attack!

#487  Take a Break for Breakfast

Intermediate Level Projects
#461  Let's Bake Quick Breads
#463  Sports Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go!
#472  Grill Master
#475  Star Spangled Foods
#477  Party Planner: A 4-H Guide to Quantity Cooking
#485  Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals
#486  Dashboard Dining: A 4-H Guide to Healthful Fast Food Choices

Advanced Level Projects
#462  Yeast Breads on the Rise
#467 Cooking on My Own
#469  Global Gourmet
#474  Beyond the Grill
#476  Kitchen Boss