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Interested in exploring the latest food trends, cooking topics and nutrition information? Wondering about what to make for dinner and need some added inspiration? We can help!

What’s On the Menu is a free bi-monthly e-newsletter created by Joyce Riley, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator and Registered Dietitian at OSU Extension in Union County. The e-newsletter explores the latest trends in nutrition, food/cooking and includes easy to make recipes. 

Sign up is easy, just click on this link: go.osu.edu/unionfcs

The first edition (June/July 2019) is already published and just waiting for you to subscribe! Bi-monthly e-mails will arrive 6 times yearly, during the third week of June, August, October, December, February, and April.

Go to go.osu.edu/unionfcs and sign-up today! We hope you join us as we delve into everything food!

Contact Joyce Riley (riley.194@osu.edu) with questions or suggestions about "What’s On the Menu" e-newsletter.  We look forward to hearing from you!